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Inspiring Health Care With a Loving Touch

At Health Spring TCM, our highly qualified and experienced practitioners use 5 main treatment methods to effectively address a wide variety of health issues naturally, safely and effectively.

Welcome to Health Spring Traditional Chinese Medicine

Based in Brunswick, Melbourne, clients come to us from all over Victoria to experience our unique service and attend workshops we run.

[expand title=”Why do we do Chinese Medicine?” tag=”h2″]We know what we do works.

We believe the use of natural, traditional medicines assist in providing some of the best, side effect free results available and we want to share our knowledge and experience with you.

At Health Spring TCM, we are committed to providing you with the highest level of service. We believe that every person deserves to have a positive experience during treatments and do our best to explain to you what’s happening with your condition from a traditional Chinese medicine perspective.[/expand]

[expand title=”Who are we?” tag=”h2″]Health Spring TCM was established by a unique Traditional Chinese Medicine family: Glenys Savage and her son, Michael Wong.

All of the Chinese Medicine Practitioners at Health Spring TCM are registered with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia. You can easily claim your treatments if you have appropriate private health insurance via our onsite HICAPS facilities.

With generations of experience behind the team, we are confident in providing you with some of the best traditional Chinese medicine health care practitioners in Melbourne.

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[expand title=”What do we do?” tag=”h2″]We use a special combination of 5 techniques passed down from Professor Lun Wong OAM called the ‘Wu Da Liao Fa’ or the ‘5 Main Methods of Treatment’.

Clients typically experience our comprehensive diagnosis where we explain the condition of the body in simple terms from a Chinese medicine perspective. Clients then receive the most appropriate and effective treatment based on their condition.

By the end of each treatment, clients are armed with knowledge on how they can also assist to manage their condition effectively themselves with the different techniques, exercises that can help, relevant dietary advice and herbal medicines. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can be used as complementary to many other treatments. If in doubt, check with your health care professional.

Ultimately, we leave our clients feeling relaxed, relieved, rejuvenated and balanced.[/expand]

[expand title=”How do we do it?” tag=”h2″]We use a specific combination of 5 techniques as passed down from Professor Wong OAM: the ‘Wu Da Liao Fa’ or the ‘5 Main Methods of Treatment’. Combinations of one or more of these methods are used where most appropriate for each person.

1. Acupuncture
2. Herbal Medicine
3. Manual Treatments (Including Massage, Cupping, Gua Sha and Moxibustion)
4. Diet Therapy
5. Physical Training (Exercises given during treatment and Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Martial Art classes we run)

We also run many workshops to share as much knowledge as possible.

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[expand title=”Where?” tag=”h2″]
Health Spring Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic is located at:
12A Grantham St, Brunswick West, Victoria.

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[expand title=”When?” tag=”h2″]Health Spring TCM is an appointment based clinic and we do our best to fit in with your busy schedules.

Generally, our clinic is open 9:00am to 7:30pm Monday to Friday, though hours can vary.      We do our best to accommodate to busy schedules out of those hours, so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Remember also to ask us about our other activities and classes that we offer:                          Workplace massage/stress leverage programs, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Chinese Martial Arts classes.[/expand]

Relax in the hands of Health Spring TCM’s experienced practitioners.

We’re here to assist you in your health and well-being.

Health Spring TCM is located at 12A Grantham St, Brunswick West, Melbourne.

Please contact us now to book your appointment.

Ph (03) 9388 0717