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  • Summer & Rain.. Can I have Laksa?

    Summer is here! It has arrived after a long, cold, wet Winter and Spring (as I type it is raining…) Yes, it’s been confirmed by Melbourne’s weather bureau that we have had a record wet, cold Spring and early Summer. So what are the implications for you, for your health?  Some people find they have extra […]

  • Autumn

    Here we are, well into Autumn Did you notice the energy change of the new season as we moved from March to April? And now more so as we move into May. We start to notice the changing temperatures, the drier, still autumn weather, changing colour of the leaves, damp grass in the early mornings. And […]

  • Easy remedy for Colds, Flu & Hayfever: Combating the Hot and Cold of Spring

    Easy remedy for Colds, Flu & Hayfever: Combating the Hot and Cold of Spring

    Easy remedy for Colds, Flu & Hayfever: Combating the Hot and Cold of Spring I was enjoying some time in the park yesterday as the sun was shining. It was quite warm and mild but as we are still coming out of winter, the breeze was a bit cool. I heard an elderly gentleman close […]

  • How Does a Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic Celebrate a Birthday?

    How Does a Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic Celebrate a Birthday?

    How does a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic celebrate a birthday?   We are giving you and your loved ones the gift of a complimentary Cupping session at the clinic! Don’t worry, we’re not expecting any gifts, we just couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to give you a gift of health – […]

  • Why do we do Chinese Medicine?

    We know what we do works. We believe the use of natural, traditional medicines provide some of the best, side effect free results available and we want to share our knowledge and experience with you. Clients often come to us complaining how they’ve received the run around, sent to this guy, referred to that one […]

  • Why should you choose Chinese medicine?

    With texts dating back over 5000 years, treatment methods with very little side effects and a true preventative medicine, Chinese medicine has solid foundations and countless success cases. Traditional Chinese medicine is truly a preventative medicine. The focus of Chinese medicine is to balance and harmonise the body. It sees illness and problems as manifestations […]

  • Chinese Medicine Brunswick

    Health Spring Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic in Brunswick provides Traditional Chinese Medicine to the Melbourne Community from experienced, registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners. Clients come from various suburbs and regional areas all across Australia to attend the clinic. We invite you to make an appointment and experience the benefits of these therapies for a wide range […]

  • Online Chinese Medicine Consultations

    Online Chinese Medicine Consultations

    An Online Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultation is available to anyone in the world, wherever you’re from. Conducted only by experienced and registered practitioners in Australia, you can be assured you have the highest quality healthcare at your fingertips! You can even select preferred practitioners from our available team. After you have filled out the basic […]

  • Healthy Food Can Make You Sick!

    Healthy Food Can Make You Sick!

    So many people say they eat ‘Healthy’ food. They have delicious and nutritious meals every day. Beautiful green or fruit smoothies, raw/organic salads, fresh sushi etc. Yet they still experience some weight gains, bloating or other digestive issues such as loose or irregular bowel movements, nautia, lack of energy, bad tastes in the mouth… the […]

  • Feeling Full?

    Feeling Full?

    Especially around the festive season, people tend to overeat at nearly every meal, enjoying fine food and wine with friends and family. The problem is we often find ourselves sitting around for extended periods of time after each meal. Remember, Confucius said: “Walk 300 steps after each meal”. This doesn’t mean hard exercise or jogging. […]

  • Bringing Eastern Philosophy to Modern Culture

    Bringing Eastern Philosophy to Modern Culture

    Michael Wong’s mission is to share with you the knowledge passed down from his father, Professor Wong OAM. Michael is also a practitioner at Health Spring TCM.

  • Moxa


    What’s that funky smell? Many confuse the smell and look of moxa with other substances, however Moxa is actually using the very useful herb called Ai Ye or Mugwort. We burn the herb and either hold it over a certain area or place it on top of a needle to further enhance the treatments. The […]

  • Cupping


    Does Cupping Hurt? This is perhaps the most common question regarding cupping. When cupping is performed properly, by a trained professional it should not hurt you at all. Cupping is used primarily to move the circulation of Qi and blood throughout the body for a wide variety of conditions including common colds, muscular pains, coughing, […]

  • Why Can We Help You?

    Why Can We Help You?

    We believe in providing the highest quality health care to you. Nothing Less. Health Spring TCM Founder, Glenys Savage has trained under the world renowned Chinese Medical and Martial Arts Master, Professor Lun Wong OAM. Glenys has over 35 years of experience in Teaching and Practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine, she is a registered practitioner with the […]


    WHAT INFORMATION DO WE COLLECT? We collect information from you when you register on our site, place an order, subscribe to our newsletter, respond to a survey or fill out a form. Any data we request that is not required will be specified as voluntary or optional. When ordering or registering on our site, as […]