Here we are, well into Autumn

Autumn Leaves

Did you notice the energy change of the new season as we moved from March to April? And now more so as we move into May.

We start to notice the changing temperatures, the drier, still autumn weather, changing colour of the leaves, damp grass in the early mornings. And we will soon move into the colder winter months.

Using the ancient Chinese medicine principles of recognising how we are integrally connected to our environment, we make natural adjustments. You already instinctively know to take a light jacket now as the evening winds become cooler and you might feel a bit more tired earlier in the evenings.

What are the other fundamental differences?

Autumn is the traditional ‘dry’ season. It’s easy to get dry, sore throat, skin rashes and itchiness. Why? Chinese medicine theory states that Autumn is governed by the ‘metal energy’ related to the lungs, the skin, hair, nose and sinus. Hence problems with any of these aspects require balancing the lungs and these related aspects.

What to eat in Autumn?

ginger spring onion mint health spring tcm2Avoid too much dry, spicy and fried foods. Eat plenty of foods that have a moistening quality: garlic, spring onions can be eaten to help clear wind and cold affects. Try mushrooms, silver beet, daikon (white radish), leek, pumpkin, sweet potato, watercress; also mandarins, pear, figs, orange. A little honey in warm water at night can assist if dry throat or dry bowel.

Brusque walking and other exercises are important to induce sweating and clear the skin, but keep protected from the winds when the skin pores are open after sweating.

Remember, now is the time to start preparing for the winter chill! Stock up now on your Qi and Blood. Remember to come in to clinic for a ‘tune up’ before winter.

Rest earlier. drink plenty of water, keep moving about!

Cheers to Autumn.