Herbal Medicine at HSTCM

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is an essential component of traditional Chinese medicine which generally  have little known side effects. Rest assured knowing your herbs are not synthetically created in a laboratory and that they have been used effectively for over 5000 years.

What does that mean for me?

This means you won’t have to take one type of herb to combat the side effect of another type! They are balanced in a single formula. There is more current research being undertaken on herbs and formulae and their effects on treatments.

It can be said there is a herb or a formula of herbs suitable for many conditions – for both internal and external medicine.  Herbs are used according to the Chinese medicine diagnosis and the resultant principle of  treatment. This does not necessarily mean that you have to take ‘herbal medicine’ as many things that we eat in our diets are also considered as herbs! We can recommend appropriate dietary changes to help balance the body.

I heard you have to cook up herbs that stink out the house!

Whilst it is true that raw herbs need preparation which is generally done by decocting them as a soup, this can take time and not everyone manages the  smell or taste; but it doesn’t necessarily mean that raw herbs are the only option.

There are several types of herbal medicines available to you at Health Spring TCM:

  • Powdered Herbs or Herbal Granules
  • Factory Made Patent Pills and Capsules
  • Teas
  • Raw Herbs

Powdered Herbal Granules

These are fine powdered herbs that are either raw or granulated. We take these herbs with a spoon and you either drop the powder onto your tongue and swish it down with some warm water or by stirring the spoonful into a glass of warm water and drinking it.

The advantage of choosing powders and granules is that your practitioner can easily modify the formula to suit your specific condition – customising your treatment experience – which is the essence of Chinese medicine.

Very simple, very effective.

Factory Made Patent Pills and Capsules

These are classic formulas of herbal medicines; a factory has compressed their own powders, granules or decoctions into pills, tablets or capsules. These are great for a quick, on the go solution or for those who prefer a simple pill taking method. However the factory made pills don’t allow your practitioner to precisely customise the formula for your condition if needed, so sometimes two types of pill formulas may be prescribed.  These patent herbs are made to Australian approved standards.


Things that we eat and drink on a day to day basis are all a type of medicine.

Teas are a perfect way to enjoy the benefits of medicine for a specific condition. There are many types of teas available that cool the body, warm the body, calm or improve circulation.

Raw Herbs

The original method of taking herbal medicine is from their raw format.

Raw herbs require preparation which is to traditionally decoct the herbs in a clay pot on the stove, boiling them down like a soup where you’ll be left with a delicious, unique tasting herbal decoction.

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