Mint Tea To Move The Qi

Diet Therapy

Diet therapy doesn’t mean going on a ‘diet’. It means understanding the nature of your foods and how they match together with you!

Everything has a ‘type of nature’ to it, according to traditional theory, eg: Hot, Cold, Damp, Dry, Wind.

The key is to match the type of food with your condition and constitution.

During your consultation, your practitioner will advise you on various types of foods and drinks to both avoid and seek which will be most beneficial for your condition. This relates to healthy people just as much as it does to those who aren’t feeling so ‘hot’. No pun intended.¬†We need to get your history and observe your tongue and feel your pulse too.

It is so important for you to stop and think about the ‘nature’ of things before you put them in your mouth – and the effects they may have.

For example, in Chinese medicine, one reason for pimples and acne is ‘internal heat’. It can be said this heat surges up and literally explodes on the face. Eating ‘heaty’ or ‘hot’ foods such as hot spices can simply add to this inflammation or ‘fire’!

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