Feeling Full?

Especially around the festive season, people tend to overeat at nearly every meal, enjoying fine food and wine with friends and family.

The problem is we often find ourselves sitting around for extended periods of time after each meal.

Remember, Confucius said: “Walk 300 steps after each meal”.

This doesn’t mean hard exercise or jogging. It’s simply to start the digestion process and move some of that excess food in your stomach.

Have a Mint Tea. Aids Digestion, Moves the Qi!
Have a Mint Tea.
Aids Digestion, Moves the Qi!

Sitting and especially slouching after a meal is quite possibly the worst thing to do. If you’re slouching, you’re putting extra pressure onto your stomach which will hinder and slow the digestion process. Ie, you WILL feel bloated! This is the easiest way to stack on those unwanted kilos!

So, remember to get up and move around after eating – get the Qi flowing!

Another simple and easy way to get the Qi flowing in the digestive system is by having a cup of Mint Tea.

Mint is a fantastic easy to find, household herb that invigorates the circulation and aids the digestion. Remember to have it warm as the cold tea will simply add to the bloating!

CAUTION! Mint tea is cooling in nature and therefore is not suitable for people with a ‘cold stomach’. For this type of condition we could recommend a Ginger tea. Hence why Chinese Medicine is not a generic one thing suits all. To get tailored and specific advice for you personally, come in for a consultation today!

So next time you’re enjoying a feast with family and friends remember:

1. Walk 300 steps after eating (or stand up for atleast half an hour)

2. Have a cup of Mint Tea (warm is preferred to aid digestion)

At Health Spring TCM, we typically use a combination of Acupuncture and Cupping with Herbal Medicines to aid the digestion. Give the best gift, the gift of Health with our Treatment Vouchers!

Any questions feel free to ask 🙂