Michael Wong demonstrating an abductor stretch

Physical Training – Tai Chi, Martial Arts +More

Whilst you will typically be shown exercises specifically for your condition, we highly recommend you to try one of our classes!

In association with the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s martial arts club: Wu De Hui, Health Spring TCM brings you physical training like no other clinic:

Wu Gong (including Qi Gong)

Holistic Chinese martial arts with a focus on teaching you coordination, focus, internal Qi, strength and power with a unique combination of strength training drills, formwork and sequences, simple self defence routines, stretching and qi gong.

Professor Wong OAM designed Wu Gong to benefit patients of traditional Chinese medicine. His son, Michael Wong is the head instructor of the classes.

Classes are held at the Bulgarian Church hall: 52 James st, Northcote. 9:30am Saturdays

Tai Chi

Some consider Tai Chi to be the highest form of martial arts. This version of Tai Chi will teach you not only a beautiful sequence of movements, it also teaches you to move your qi along the Chinese medicine meridians. Once students have learnt the sequence they progress on to partner work ‘pushing hands’ and a sword form.

Classes are held at the Rosina Auditorium at the Abbotsford Convent. 6:30pm Friday.

Dao and Meditation

Lectures that Professor Wong OAM has presented over the years relating to Dao are taught by his students alongside meditation sessions. As Tai Chi is an essential part of these classes, students are required to have completed our Tai Chi form before joining the advanced classes.

For more info please see our Dao Jia website: www.DaoJia.info

One on one sessions

For those who prefer to have a one on one session, Michael Wong is available for sessions where you can nominate an area you’d like to focus on or he will assist you to assess your current physical, mental and emotional state.


Please call 03 9388 0717 for all class inquiries!

or visit www.WuDeHui.com for more info