Summer & Rain.. Can I have Laksa?

Summer is here! It has arrived after a long, cold, wet Winter and Spring (as I type it is raining…) Yes, it’s been confirmed by Melbourne’s weather bureau that we have had a record wet, cold Spring and early Summer.

So what are the implications for you, for your health? 

Some people find they have extra aches and pains, or maybe itchy skin rashes or hay fever in this period.

We’ve seen a lot of people in our clinic over the last couple of months with these problems. And of course the regular colds, coughs, back pain, hot flushes, period pain and issues with fertility.

Michael indulging in a soft shell crab Laksa to clear out all the damp from the rain – along with some acupuncture in Brunswick!

What is happening to my body from a TCM Perspective?

When the weather is extra cold, windy and damp we can be adversely influenced by these characteristics.  Chinese medicine theory states that the seasonal influences and climatic conditions have a strong influence on our health.

To clear cold, wind, damp (Yin aspects) we need to use opposite character foods and herbs and treatment techniques with Acupuncture to help balance again. So warming foods (Yang) can be taken. When it’s wet for a few days the pungent foods: chilly, garlic, curry can help clear the damp.

Cinnamon or ginger added to foods can help dispel the cold as they are warming.

Did you say: ‘Go all out on hot spicy curry?!!’ 

…No…Remember that it is Summer nonetheless and we no doubt will have some consistent hot weather probably in January and February, so not too much of these Yang, warming foods in the Yang warm /hot weather. A little is okay!


Check your tongue. If it’s pale pink with white coating then you can have the warming foods, but if it is already red and a darker yellow coating (Yang) then better to avoid those warming Yang foods.


If in doubt, call us to make an appointment and we can help you with advice and treatments.

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Of course it is the festive season. So eat well, enjoy, moderate if you are over indulging and have fun!

Wishing you joy and peace at Christmas and good health, wellbeing, laughter and prosperity in 2017.


We look forward to seeing you soon!

Glenys and Michael.