3E Tea

Herbal Tea

Our special herbal tea formulas are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, designed and hand packed by Michael Wong, Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner. The formulas are based on his father’s (Professor Lun Wong OAM) Traditional Chinese Medicine recipes that he administered to thousands of patients all over the world and handed down to Michael.

3E Tea

The teas take into consideration the nature and elements of day to day lifestyle and blend it with the nature of herbs which may assist to balance your body’s energy or Qi.

Each tea focusses on a different aspects. When in doubt, it is suggested to take the 3E tea which may assist digestion. When digestion is smooth, the body will be full of Qi.

Each tea is available in a range of pack sizes. And may be customised should you require a specific need.

3E Tea and Red Dragon Tea both contain the familiar taste of green tea. Spring Clean and Five Flavour Tea are both mentha (Peppermint) based. Spring Clean also contains Chrysanthemum (a stronger cousin of Chamomile).

Teas can be taken all throughout the day. Simply add boiling water to approx 2g of tea and let steep for 3-4 minutes min.

Glass teapots and double glass cups are also available.

Simply go to our online store to place orders, come into our clinic or give us a call on 03 9388 0717 for more info. Packing time depends on stock – generally within 72 hours your tea will be ready.

“It was rare to see my father without a cup of tea on his desk. He would often pour me a cup of tea and explain the characteristics to me as a boy, now it is my turn to pour a cup of tea and explain the characteristics to you.”

I look forward to sharing a pot of tea with you soon.

Warm regards,

Michael Wong.