What do we do?

Health Spring Traditional Chinese Medicine provides Traditional Chinese Medicine to the world with online consultations and traditional treatments in our clinic. We have something to suit your needs.

We use a special combination of 5 techniques passed down from Professor Lun Wong OAM called the ‘Wu Da Liao Fa’ or the ‘5 Main Methods of Treatment’.

Clients typically experience our comprehensive diagnosis where we explain the condition of the body in simple terms from a Chinese medicine perspective. Clients then receive the most appropriate and effective treatment based on their condition.

By the end of each treatment, clients are armed with knowledge on how to manage their condition effectively themselves, exercises that can help, relevant dietary advice and herbal medicines.

Ultimately, we leave our clients feeling relaxed, relieved, rejuvenated and balanced.[/expand]

We invite you to make an appointment and experience the benefits of these therapies for a wide range of conditions.

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