Healthy Food Can Make You Sick!

Healthy Food Can Make You Sick!

So many people say they eat ‘Healthy’ food.

They have delicious and nutritious meals every day. Beautiful green or fruit smoothies, raw/organic salads, fresh sushi etc.

Yet they still experience some weight gains, bloating or other digestive issues such as loose or irregular bowel movements, nautia, lack of energy, bad tastes in the mouth… the list goes on. But not just ‘healthy eaters’ experience this!

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People tend to overlook the ‘Nature’ of their food.

At Health Spring Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic in Brunswick, Melbourne, we explain to patients according to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Daoist Philosophies: Everything has a ‘Nature’You may have heard about this being described as Yin and Yang.

Yin and Yang can be displayed as the White and Black bits in the middle of the circle. Where there is one, there is the other. 

How does this relate to your food? How can ‘Healthy’ food make me sick?

Well, just because your food is nutritious and healthy, doesn’t mean the Nature of the food is what the Nature of your body needs!

For example: Let’s characterise Yin as being Cold and Yang as being Hot.

If your body’s constitution is Yin or Cold…and you have a diet comprising of mostly Yin/ Cold Natured foods… You will simply be nurturing the Yin and perhaps leaving out the Yang…over cooling the body, leading to sluggish digestion and circulation.

If your body’s constitution is Yang or Hot…and you have a diet full of Yang/Hot Natured foods… Your Yang will literally be on FIRE! Symptoms of Fire will come out all over your body. The best example of this are those little volcanoes on your head (pimples).

Regardless of the nutritional value of a ‘Healthy’ food, the ‘Nature’ of the ‘Healthy’ food can make you sick!

There is no such thing as a PERFECTLY ‘Natured’ and balanced human or meal… but we can do our best to balance them.

So what are the Yin and Yang Foods?

Here is the tricky part. Nothing is absolute, everything is relevant.

Instead of simply giving you a list of Yin and Yang foods, I would love to teach you how to discern it for yourself so that you can assess every meal before, during and after eating it!

Why would I want to assess my meal?

Let’s say you’ve decided to make yourself a nutritious and delicious green smoothie. But you’ve decided that the smoothie is very Yin and not only Nature cold but also Physically cold! One quick step to add some warm water instead of ice cubes into the smoothie instantly changes both the Physical temperature and the Nature of the food! Quickly eliminating that bloated feeling and stickiness (which we call dampness).

On the other hand, let’s say you’re having a perfect day at the beach and decide to splurge on some yummy Fish and Chips. You’ve already ordered the meal and suddenly remember: ‘The Nature of this meal isn’t best suited to my body’s current Nature’.

What should you do?

It’s no secret to add some vinegar or lemon to Fish and Chips… But did you realise that this actually changes the Nature of the Fish and Chips?

Understanding the Nature of what you put into your mouth is so important. Everything you eat is in effect a medication of some sort.

I want to learn!

Fantastic! Contact us and book an appointment for either an online consultation wherever you are in the world, or come in to our Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic in Brunswick.

You will learn:

  • All about your own body’s Nature
  • How to discern the nature of different types of foods
  • Simple tricks how to instantly change the nature of foods

On top of learning these basic skills, your appointment in the clinic will include Acupuncture, Massage, Cupping, Gua Sha and Herbal Prescriptions as needed for your conditions.

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With warm regards, Michael Wong. Dr of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The best gift is Health. Give yourself the best Health.